Small Size Alphonso Mangoes (Upto 200 gms each)

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The small sized Alphonso mangoes are highly aromatic and are cut for a great succulent experience that takes over your senses. These mangoes are grown, cultivated and harvested in our farms and are delivered straight to your homes through a seamless supply chain.


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For centuries at large, mango has been an indispensable part of food cultures across the world. Be it mango salsa, ice – creams, cakes, sweets or mango shake, mango has always shaped the civilization through soft influence.

Mango is known as the king of fruits and Alphonso is the best that one can have. Sourced directly from the farms, our Alphonso mangoes are known for their distinctive flavour, texture and taste. The creamy pulp of our mangoes satiates the taste buds like none other. These mangoes are cultivated through farming sans any synthetic process. Hence, they not just bring along a great taste but, are also healthy and regulate many vital functions of the body.


The mangoes we send outside Mumbai are shipped in Semi-Ripe or Raw Condition in order to handle shipping time and temperatures across the states in India. In Mumbai, we send semi-ripe or ripe mangoes so that you can enjoy the mangoes over a few days as and when they ripen.

As soon as you receive the box of Mangoes take them all out and inspect them.

Those that are green (raw) can be moved to the bottom, yellowish (semi-ripe) ones on the top. Once they ripen, remove from the box.

Keep them packed in a crate with hay at room temperatures of 18-25 degree celsius temperature until they turn yellow.

Cut them only once they are orange or yellowish and slightly softer with a sweet smell. If you cut them before time they will taste sour and feel raw.

Once ripe you can keep in the refrigerator to increase shelf life or consume.


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