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Indian Alphonso Eating Benefits

Indian Alphonso deserves to be the king of fruits in India and a non-mango lover would also agree to this after knowing about its amazing health benefits. People tend to obsess over this yellow pulpy fruit. It is available in the market only during summer and thus there is huge craze for grabbing hands on the best quality Alphonso mangoes. Here we have compiled amazing health benefits of mangoes which would surely turn a non-mango person into a true mango lover.

Mango boosts immune:

An average sized Indian mango contains somewhere around two-third of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C and it has high elements of effective antioxidant. Mango fruit helps in boosting immunity system and it also helps cure cold/flu.

Mango reduces cholesterol level:

The summer fruit, Mango helps in regulating the cholesterol levels in body. These are rich with fibre pectin which might help in reducing the density of lipoprotein (LDL or bad cholesterol). The fruit helps in absolving cholesterol plaques in the vessels that are known for blocking blood flow.

Mango clears skin:

The pulpy mangoes are filled with skin-friendly nutrients such as vitamin C and Vitamin A and few other nutrients. It helps making skin healthy and glowing. The nutrients in the Mango clears blocks in blood vessels thereby helping the blood to flow smoothly. It makes skin clearer. Moderate amount of Mango consumption can help in reducing the dead pores. Studies have also shown that it has skin the healing properties.

Mango helps in weight loss:

Mango has to be included in summer diets, why? Because the moderate consumption can help in weight loss and it is also a multi package of nutrients. The phytochemicals present in a mango skin acts as a natural fat busters and its flesh is filled with dietary fibres. This tasty fruit is always a better option when picking up weight loosing diet.

Mango makes guts good:

Apparently, the mango flesh contains prebiotic dietary fibre and it helps in feeding good bacteria which are present inside the guts. Poor digestion can provoke health issues such as skin conditions, week metabolism, asthma and other problems. By promoting gut health it helps us absolve these such issues.

Mango helps alkalising body:

Eating moderate amount of mango can help in alkalizing the body. Great alkalisation is known to have benefited in weight loss, improving kidney health, preventing health disease and it also improves growth hormone levels. An organic mango is enriched with tartaric and malic acid, it also contains traces of citric acid which helps in maintaining the alkali reserve of our body.

Mango makes eyes healthy:

Researches have shown that Mangoes are loaded with vitamin A and other great nutritional elements. It is also one of great fruit that helps in improving eye health, as it is known for increases eye sight, prevents night blindness and dry eyes.


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