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Mangoes are one of the most revered fruits across the world. From mango shakes, salsa to desserts; mangoes pretty much rule the roost when it comes to satiating the taste buds. In recent years, the demand for organic mangoes has risen meteorically. As a result, we now have a far more illustrious menu at our disposal that makes good use of the king of fruits. However, as much as one enjoys relishing these highly aromatic and pulpy fruits, it’s also imperative that we take care of what we are putting in our bodies in combination with mangoes. So, while you buy mangoes online and enjoy them, let’s take a look at 5 food items that should be avoided after eating mangoes, at all costs.


  1. Water: Consuming lots of water is often touted as a very good health practice with immense health benefits such as being good for the skin, digestion, etc. Mango is loved for its nutrition, taste, flavour, and fragrance. However, when put together these may pose some problems in terms of health. Do exercise caution while eating mangos. Water must be consumed after half an hour of eating mangos, as it can give rise to acidity and stomach aches. In addition, having too many mangoes leads to a stomach upset and a general feeling of being unwell. So, it’s important to keep these things in mind while you enjoy a plate full of the king of fruits.
mango benefits, no water after mangoes,
Say no to water after having mangoes
  1. Curd: Mango and curd lie at the opposite end of the heat spectrum. One shouldn’t eat mangoes with curd as mango and curd give rise to alternate reactions of heat and cold in the body, which can cause several problems including skin issues, toxins in the body, and more.

    mango, avoid curd with mango, mangoes online,
    Never consume curd with or after mango


  1. Bitter Gourd: Consumption of Bitter Gourd immediately after eating mango can lead to adverse effects on the body like nausea, trouble in breathing, and vomiting. Always make sure you don’t mix these two in any proportion to keep the “bitter” experiences at bay.

    bitter gourd, online mangoes, buy cheap mangoes,
    Never consume bitter gourd after eating mangoes
  2. Chilies and spicy food: While it may come across as a great idea to pair up hot and spicy delicacies with the sweetness of mangoes, this combination may severely affect your body. Mixing the two can cause skin diseases, stomach upsets, and a change in bowl movements. While it may taste great to the tongue but, once in your digestive system it can trigger a pretty unpleasant experience.

    spicy food, mango,
    Avoid mangoes with chilies or spicy food as it can upset the stomach
  3. Soft drinks or fizzy drinks:  Both mangoes and soft drinks have high sugar content. Hence, consuming cold drinks immediately after eating mangoes can also prove to be harmful. This can spike up your blood sugar levels. Diabetic patients should especially stay far from taking these two as it can turn out to be very dangerous for them and also for people with the medical condition of high blood pressure.

    soft drinks, mangoes, alphonso mangoes near me,
    Consuming mango and soft drinks can spike your blood sugar level

Mangoes, be it of any kind (langra, dasheri, kesar or badami) are the gateway to heavenly taste and a great diet. But, like all good things they too have certain limitations especially, when it comes to mixing them with other food items. Always make sure that you stay away from the things mentioned above after consuming your favourite bunch of mangoes.


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