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For two consecutive years now, Indian mangoes were absent from retail markets in the US. The primary reason was COVID-19 challenges and the other reason was reportedly due to the consignment getting rejected for the export/import department. Indian mangoes gained access to US markets only after 2007. These Mango consignments to the US have to undergo a process called irradiation, which involves exposing the fruits to rays of a weakly radioactive element. If heavy pesticides are used on them, then get rejected easily. Thus exporting this high in demand fruits becomes a challenging task. The commercial cultivation of mangoes pushes farmers to an extent of using heavy pesticides to reach targets. These pesticides not only affect the organic quality of the mangoes but also affects those who consume them. Hence it is important to remove pesticides from mangoes for one’s health.

Having more than 1500 varieties, India is known to be the place for finding Mangoes. From Langda, Kesar, Chaunsa, Hapus (Alphonso) to Dasseri, there are hundreds of mango varieties that have great demand in the market. Mango lovers certainly wait for summers only to get their hands on the farm-fresh mangoes. Indian grown mango varieties have great demand in international markets. A huge quantity from the annual production is exported to the neighbourhood countries. If you want to get your hands on farm-fresh mangoes, then place an order on AamWalla.com. Here you will get great quality mangoes for reasonable price tags. These mangoes are also delivered to your address.

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Why it is important to remove pesticides from Mangoes?

The pesticide residues on mango or on any other fruit, once when entering our system can be a root cause for many acute as well as chronic diseases. Thus removing pesticides from fruits before consuming them is a crucial step one should not be forgotten. Washing with 2% of saltwater is potential in removing most of the contact pesticide residues that normally appear on the surface of the vegetables and fruits and there are also other helpful ways of removing chemical-based ingredients (pesticides) from organic mangoes. To avoid all the hassle, you can simply buy mangoes online from AamWalla.com, which are usually organic mangoes.

DIY Techniques to remove pesticides from mangoes:

Wash nicely before consuming:

Many have the habit of hopping onto the stock of fruits/ mangoes before washing them. Mangoes can be aromatic, shiny and lustrous fruits, the expensive ones are also packed in a way to attracts people. However, one should not forget that there can be pesticides residue on the fruits. Washing the fruit nicely before consuming is a mandatory step to shield ourselves from harmful and chemical-based ingredients.

Saltwater soaking 

Whenever you bring home mangoes, make sure to keep aside the ones that you will be eating in a day or two. Soak these fruits in the saltwater for 15-20 mins. Once they are soaked nicely, rub the mango skin and wash them with cold or normal temperature water. This process is known for removing most part of the residue from the fruits.

Vinegar soaking

Make a solution of 10 per cent white vinegar and 90 per cent water. Mix it well and soak the mangoes or any other fruits in them. Soak them for 10-15 mins. Remove them from the solution and wash nicely. Rub all the edges of the mangoes and make sure that powered content from the skins gets off. Wash 2-3 times with a different set of water.

Baking soda wash

Some experts suggest that baking soda helps in removing the chemical-based pesticides from fruits and vegetables. This type of washing apparently removes around 80 per cent to 90 per cent of residue from the fruits/vegetables. All you need to do is soak fruits/vegetables in the baking soda water. Take a large bowl with water and add a teaspoon of baking soda. Mix well and allow fruits/vegetables to be soaked for few mins. Take them out and clean nicely with fresh water.

Warm water cleaning

Using warm water in cleaning fruits or vegetables can be helpful in removing the pesticides residues. The water should be lukewarm and the temperature should not be high that can damage the fruits/vegetable peel. Once you bring home the stock of fruits and vegetables, wash the amount that you would be using in a few days with warm water. Rub them nicely while washing. After washing them with warm water, soak them for 10-15 mins and take them out for use.

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