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Most of the time, you will find mango during the peak season which is summer. Unless you’re lucky enough to live someplace where mangoes are grown, you won’t be able to eat mangoes practically year-round. But like some other tropical fruits, mangoes aren’t fond of the cold. They should only go in the refrigerator if they’re fully ripe and you know you aren’t going to get to them for a day or two. If, on the other hand, you need your mango to ripen faster, grab some rice. Not sure how to pick and prep this tricky tropical fruit? We’ve got you covered.

The mango’s tropical taste and smooth texture lend themselves perfectly to cold soups, icy drinks, and frozen treats. But when the weather has us feeling pretty cold, we turn to mango dishes that are a little less chill-inducing. Check some ways that will make your Winters interesting with the sweetness of mangoes.

Savoury Salad

Stop relegating fruits to the fruit salad bowl. Bulk up a mango salad with bulgur wheat, quinoa, or rice. Keep it simple with a mango slaw, or enjoy mangoes paired with fennel. Try a chopped salad packed with apples, pears, mango, hazelnuts, and pomegranates.

mango in savory salad

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In a Dessert

Try brown buttered mangoes foster, a grilled mango sundae, a flaming mango dessert, or rum-spiked roasted caramelized mango. We’re getting warmer already. For slightly tamer mango desserts, go for mango soufflés or dark chocolate bark with chili-spiced mangoes.

As a Seasoning

Take your favorite flavoring and then mango-fy it in mango mustard, mango ketchup, mango mayonnaise, or a mango relish. Use a mango sauce with cardamom and saffron on yogurt or oatmeal, or try this dressing on your salad. Go for mango pickles, or top a burger with a pile of gingery mangoes.

burger with mango topping

As the chill season is approaching, what among these would you be trying new to make your winters more interesting?

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