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Mangoes are rightfully known for being the King of Indian fruits. These tropical fruits belong to the cashew family and are highly loved for its pulp, extra sweetness, texture, and aroma. All the mango lovers know the real struggles of searching for mango recipes because they are seasonal fruits. Mangoes are available only during summer because they are tropical fruits and grow only during summers. Only the mothers would know how difficult it is to make their child eat these organic fruits during growth years, they go through all the hassle. Mangoes are hailed as the superfood for their nutritional composition that fulfills our daily need for calories, vitamins, and minerals. This heavenly fruit also aids the body in fighting different conditions such as obesity, bad cholesterol, weak immunity, etc. Thus, including mangoes in moderate amounts is crucial for all caretaking mothers.

Have you been struggling to make your child eat mango as whole fruit? Well, then here are a few interesting ways to cut them to make them more pleasing. Cutting mangoes in different styles is absolutely an art. These days even shops offer sliced mangoes. Here check out five different ways to cut mangoes at home.

How to cut the mango in five different ways:

1. Diced Mango

  • Place the mango in a standing position on the chopping board
  • Use a sharp knife to cut all the way through the flesh, from top to bottom
  • Repeat the process on the other side of the mango and make separate the big sized slices
  • Now take one slice at a time and using the knife make diagonal lines. Start from the edge and trim till the opposite corner
  • While cutting make sure each square looks similar in size
  • If needed you can separate the slices by removing the peel or serve as it is for easy eating.

2. Only Mango Pulp

  • Take completely ripped mango and wash it nicely
  • Cut it into half sections
  • Take out the seed
  • Now take one of the mango slices and remove the pulp with the help of a glass or a sharp spoon
  • You can also make aamras with this pulp or use it for making lassi or any other dish.

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3. Mango Strips

  • Remove the stem of the mango and wash it nicely
  • Now remove the peel, you can freeze the mango before slicing it
  • Once you remove the peel, cut it into half-section and remove the seed from the center
  • Now take each slice and chop it into trimmed strips
  • Make it like the French fries
  • You can use these narrow strips into making a mango flower, decoration on the top of a cupcake or replace it with French fries

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4. Eat Mango Like An Avocado

  • Take a farm fresh ripe mango and freeze it
  • Take out the mango after a few hours of freezing
  • Wash it nicely and chop the mango like an avocado from the middle. Take the knife through the centre and complete one circle
  • Separate both the parts and remove the seed with the help of sharp knife
  • Serve the mango with a spoon
  • You can eat these types of sliced mangoes while watching TV or while playing
  • You can avoid the hassle of washing hands and you would not need to touch the seed

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5. Mango flower

  • Take a mango and remove the stem
  • Peel the mango
  • Take a sharp stick and insert it at the opening (stem)
  • Then with the help of a sharp knife cut the mango like petals from the bottom. Make all the petals of equal size and keep rotating the mango. Do not cut to the pit. Lightly pull down the petal with the knife
  • Once done, you can sprinkle some chilli powder or melted chocolate on top
  • Enjoy your edible mango flower

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