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Mangoes can change your mood in a fraction of a second. Such is their charm that a single bite from freshly cut mangoes or a sip of the fresh mango shake calms the soul and taps into your inner subconscious. However, to buy fresh mangoes is not an easy task. It requires skill, patience and expertise gathered over years to sort the best and the juiciest of mangoes from the bunch. Currently, the market has expanded from a physical space to a digital world which is growing in all corners. The market has all kinds of mangoes and by this, we mean not just different varieties of mangoes but, also the ones which may not be fit for consumption given the artificial harvesting process they undergo. It’s important that you know about the basics of buying mangoes before you step out or hit enter to place your order.

Here are a few basic methods that can help you pick the best and buy fresh mangoes:

  1. Aroma is the key: An avid mango lover smells and gauges the freshness of fruits. Each category of mango has a unique aroma, typical to its variety. The fragrance may cover a broad range from mild to very strong. A sweet and fruity smell near the base of the stem indicates that you have found your perfect choice. If it gives out an alcoholic or sour odour, then that means the fruit is overripe.
  2. Trust the touch: Gently squeeze the mangoes using your fingertips and feel around the whole mango. Ripe mangoes are soft but again, they should not be so soft that your fingers pierce right through, that’s what a perfect texture means. However, if you’re keen on storing mangoes for a longer duration then you can choose the ones with a slightly firm outer covering.
  3. Looks matter: Mangoes are a visual delight. They’re built to please your eyes. Always look for plump and fleshy ones, those which have minimal marks or spots. Avoid mangoes that have shriveled skin. Contrary to popular opinion, colors or shades of mangoes do not matter much. This fruit comes in a myriad of hues, ranging from red, golden yellow, green, saffron, purple to orange. So the ideal thing to do is to let your senses and experience take over.
  4. A trusted vendor: A vendor whom you can place your trust in is rare to find. So, if you find one, hold onto him or her. Local retailers often use harmful chemicals like calcium carbide to ripen their fruits prematurely for quick sale, that’s what we meant when we spoke about some mangoes not being fit for consumption. Calcium carbide is dangerous chemical that can harmful effects. Always go for mango shopping on reputed e-commerce marketplaces or to your trusted fruit vendors that source fresh, organic, and naturally ripened mangoes. Be it Alphonso, Kesar, Dasheri, or Badami from Karnataka, the best varieties are now available at your local store or online. Look for certifications, awards, and customer reviews when you buy mangoes online. It’s known as the King of fruits for a reason; let’s not bring a cheap imposter to our homes.


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