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Mango is popularly known as the king of fruits in India and it surely deserves to be in the top place. This summer fruit is India’s favorite and among the other types of mangoes, the Alphonso Mangoes are the most expensive ones that come in the market. People from all the different age categories tend to love this heavenly fruit and it also has many health benefits. As summer is around the corners, here we have compiled interesting ways of identifying the real Alphonso Mango.

Ways to identify real Alphonso Mango:


Real Alphonso Mangoes are believed to have their origin from Devgad Taluka in Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra. These tasty fruits have a natural aroma that is potential enough to attract people from far away. One can identify real Alphonso Mangoes based on their aroma. Whether you are near a marketplace or a farm, you can easily tell if these mangoes are sweet based on their aroma.

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Real Alphonso mango

Farming Place:

As per the research, other varieties of Alphonso do not have that much sweetness in comparison with mangoes that are grown in Maharashtra. As per the research, the scientists from National Chemical Laboratory states that the Alphonso variety grown in Devgad has the highest composition of aromatic compounds Mesifuran, (Z)-ocimene and ?-octalactone, which makes these mangoes one of the tastiest and sweetest mangoes. Thus the place of farming also matters. You can always buy mangoes that have been grown in places that are originally famous for mangoes, such as Vanraaj, Amrapali, Mallika, Sindhu, Ratna, and Pairi to name a few.


All the different types of mangoes have unique appearances in terms of their smell, size, color, and skin texture. They also taste differently as per their appearances. A true Alphonso Mango can be identified with its texture. Organically grown mangoes have a natural aroma and texture and one can always check these qualities while buying. Chemically ripened mangoes do not give such an aroma and texture. Whenever buying the Alphonso mangoes make sure you check it’s soft on touch and naturally ripened.

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Skin Color:

The skin color of mangoes plays an important role in revealing their quality. The real Alphonso mango can be identified based on its skin. Chemically ripened mangoes look uniformly colored and the texture is all even. On the other side, the naturally ripened mangoes show gradients in yellows and green.

Skin colour of Alphonso mangoes,
The skin colour of organic and real Alphonso mangoes

Mangoes that have wrinkles on their skin Mangoes are the ones that have not been harvested properly. Such types of mangoes can taste different.

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