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identify real and farm fresh hapus mangoes,

When it’s summer season, we tend to come across so many posts on Ads, FB Posts, Instagram, and WhatsApp forwards, all selling you mangoes from north of Konkan & Karnataka tagged as ‘100% Real Alphonso’. Even though all of them claim it’s real, it is really difficult to identify the difference between farm fresh and authentic hapus mangoes.


With some simple but easy steps, let us help you solve this Rubik’s cube of the authenticity of premium Alphonso/Hapus Mangoes.



The pure and real Alphonso Mango gives a very noticeable natural aroma from a distance. Especially during ripening, the room will have an aroma throughout. Several other varieties of Alphonso mangoes will not fulfill this part.



Have a look at the mangoes, it should look plumpy and roundish (not too much tapering down). If they are naturally ripened, they should ‘look’ soft and feel soft. Also, the region of the stem should bit shallow compared to its ‘shoulders’.



Observe the colour. Naturally ripened mangoes show gradients in yellows and green and red on the top. It will not be fully yellow in colour. Chemically ripened mangoes look uniformly coloured.



Authentic mango skin has to feel thin, unlike the other look-alike variants where the skin is thicker. Another point to notice is it should not show wrinkles. Many people believe that if mangoes have wrinkles, they are wholesome. But the fact is, mangoes only show wrinkles when they overripe.


Taste & Texture

When you cut and taste the fruit it will be less fibrous. It has a distinct taste that lingers on your tongue.


So take some time when you select your Alphonso Mangoes. Like any other good thing, it needs patience in selection and consumption. And to buy authentic, fresh & deliciously juicy Alphonso Mangoes, visit aamwalla.com where you will get mangoes delivered directly to your home without going anywhere.


Aamwalla specializes in fresh, organic, and export quality Alphonso mangoes that are sourced and procured from the farms in Devgad which is also known to be the mango capital of India.

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