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Indian Alphonso

Summers have just begun and with the new season comes new fruits in the Indian Market. Many of us have been eagerly waiting for the summers only to get our hands on the king of fruits- Mango. The delicious yellow glowing succulent fruits are known for attracting people with its appearance and aroma. The Indian Alphonso is nothing short of a sweet pleasure, but these fruits also have surprising health benefits. If you are a true mango lover then take a look at interesting facts about the Indian Alphonso.

Nutritional facts about Alphonso mango

Indian Alphonso mango has amazing nutritional value. It has a huge source of iron including vitamin Ah, vitamin E and selenium along with rich antioxidants. These pulpy fruits are known for helping us with anti-aging properties, it helps in reducing blood cholesterol and helps in fighting cancer.

Highest exported fruit:

Although mangoes are not found throughout the year, Indian Alphonso’s are among the list of most exported fruits. After Banana and Apples comes mangoes which are exported at a greater level and its only done during the summers. Apparently, the first export of Alphonso mangoes was done to London in 1953 from Mumbai’s Crawford Market for the Queen’s crowning day. Ever since then the export remained constant and the Alphonso still manages to attract international buyers.

Most expensive mango variety:

Apparently there are 1500 variants of Mangoes that are cultivated across India, these mangoes are worldwide famous for its sweetness, richness and unique flavor. Most popular types of mangoes that are found in India are Alphonsos/Hapus, Badami, Chausa, Dasheri, Keshar and there are many more. Among these popular varities Alphonso’s are the most expensive type.

King of Indian fruits for a reason:

In 2006 George. W. Bush (43rd president of the United States) was on his first visit to India and he was treated with the Alphonso mango. After eating this fruit he said to then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that it was “a hell of a fruit and he had never tried such a fruit ever in his life.” What makes Alphonso so attractive? Well, its everything about the Alphonso from its skin, color, aroma, pulp and texture.

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