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The organic term is in vogue ever since the industries started using chemicals-based solutions to boost their production of crops. Organic mangoes are those, which are farm fresh and grown with natural resources, and chemical-free. No chemicals or pesticides are used to grow these types of mangoes. Thus organic items including mangoes are sold for a little higher price tag in comparison to the chemically grown ones. There are many benefits of eating organic mangoes. If you too want to eat farm-fresh mangoes then order them on AamWalla.com and get home delivery.

How organic mangoes are grown?

Any variety of Indian Mango trees can grow well in all types of soil from alluvial to lateritic, except the black cotton soils, which are considered to be poor quality for mango cultivation. Growing organic mangoes requires a lot of effort. From knowing the soil quality to keeping a controlled flow of water and avoiding pesticides, farmers take care of minor details while cultivating organic mangoes. There is a growing market for organically grown mangoes in India and outside. This is because of safety and health concerns. Commercially grown mangoes often have chemical ingredients, which not only affect the taste but also affect the quality. One can afford to compromise with the price tag, but not with the quality of food one consumes. Organic farming of mangoes is environmentally friendly and nurtures those who eat them.

Is it worth buying organic mangoes?

Yes, it’s absolutely worth it to spend some fortune on organic mangoes. They are grown within the limitations of mother nature and they are chemical-free. Although organic mangoes are a little expensive, they are filled with required nutrients. These mangoes are always fresh and taste great. It’s just that before buying the organic mango be it offline or online, one needs to identify the organic mango properly.

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Pros and cons of buying organic mangoes?


  1. Farmers don’t use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides while growing organic mangoes
  2. Organic mangos are free of toxic chemicals that can harm the human body and cause side effects
  3. Eating organic mango lowers people’s exposure to pesticides
  4. Organic mangoes are a delicious, nutritious, and healthy snack for all age category people
  5. They contain beneficial vitamins such as  A, C, E, and B6. These fruits are great with iron and potassium sources
  6. These are carefully grown fruits and farmers take care of the environment of cultivation. Fewer chances of trees being suffered from outside conditions and thus the quality is great
  7. Buying organic mangos helps organic farmers reduce their carbon footprints


  1. Not everyone can afford expensive mangoes, organic mangoes are generally sold for higher prices
  2. After buying organic mangoes, one needs to take care of the fruits at home. If not paid attention, they may get spoiled due to unsuitable environment or temperature
  3. Organic mangoes can be stored for a limited amount of time
  4. One needs to spend a lot of money to get just a few dozens of organically grown mangoes
  5. Organic mangoes are mostly inaccessible because a limited amount of people grow them

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