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India is the land of mangoes. India produces the best mangoes in the world. During the summers, one can find hundred different types of mango varieties. India is known to produce around 1500 varieties of mangoes every year. It belongs to the cashew family and are also highly exported fruits. Mangoes are known to be the King of Indian fruits. It’s luscious, aromatic, sweet, attractive that contains all the amazing nutrients. If you are looking for fruits that are best for your diet, then don’t miss out on mangoes.

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There are many misconceptions and myths about these fruits, such as that mangoes belong to the citrus category. Is mango really a citrus fruit? The answer is relatively simple and that is NO. Citrus fruits such as Oranges, Lemons, Limes and a few others belong to a specific botanical family, which are identified as sour fruits. Although mangoes appear to be orange in color and they too have a sour taste when they are not completely ripe, they are still tropical fruits. Mangoes superficially resemble citrus fruits, but are not the one.

To put this in botanical terms, citrus fruits belong to the Rutaceae family. Whereas, the mangoes belong to the Anacardiaceae family. This is what differentiates mangoes from citrus fruits. One of the common things between the citrus and tropical fruits is that they are grown in warm climate conditions.

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