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The scorching summer heat has arrived, and the sight of mangoes is the only thing that makes it bearable. Try something new this year, other than eating them by the dozen or producing aamras, smoothies, and ice creams. We’ve gathered a collection of fresh mango dishes you can make at home with the King of Mangoes Alphonso. Deliciously enjoy the season’s fruit this summer, with these fresh mango recipes.


Chilled Mango Cheesecake

fresh mango cheesecake with Alphonso mangoes,
Fresh Mango Cheesecake

The most popular fruit is used to make everyone’s favourite dessert! Cheesecake is the ultimate dream dessert, and when it’s made with cream, hung curd, and mangoes, it’s even tastier! Cap off an excellent afternoon with friends with this magnificently amazing dessert around. Cream cheese is replaced with hung curd and regular cream in this recipe.

Aam Shrikhand

A delicious dessert that will instantly chill you down! This will beat the heat of summer with its soothing flavours of yogurt, cream, milk, mangoes, and cardamom. Shrikhand is a rich and creamy Indian dish that is served during meals.

Amrakhand is an alphonso flavoured yogurt or shrikhand,
Fresh Aam Shrikhand


Mango and Mint Kheer

The popular Indian delicacy is given a fruity makeover! Mango kheer with nuts, mint, saffron, and cardamom is a fruity twist on an old-fashioned Indian dish. This rich, sweet kheer delicacy is perfect for the holiday season.



Mango Lassi

Do you have a sweet craving but the calories get the best of you? Your request for low-calorie treats may have been granted. This exquisite dessert prepared with fresh mangoes, yogurt, and honey is low in calories and well worth every bite. Your mango-filled dessert desires come to an end right here!


Mango Ice Cream

On a hot summer day, what could be better than homemade ice cream? It only takes a few kitchen items and mangoes to produce amazing, delectable scoops of mango ice cream. With a blend of mangoes, cream and milk, create some magic this summer at home without an ice cream maker!

Mango Ice Cream Recipe
Fresh Mango Ice Cream


Let this summer be all about these mango dishes. So quickly, order your box of these tasty summer fruit from Aamwalla, where you will get deliciously juicy Alphonso Mangoes delivered directly to your home without going anywhere. With a new dish cooked each day, this year’s summers seem to be sorted with Aamwalla Alphonso Mangoes.

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