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Hapus mango is also known as the Alphonso. One can not describe its taste, aroma, and how attractive it is in words. Hapus in the true sense is a blessing from mother nature. These pulpy fruits are rightfully known as the King Of Fruits in India. Mango is absolutely the nation’s obsession when it comes to choosing the favorite fruits. With its sunshine yellow skin, creamy texture, succulent flesh- Mango makes everyone its fan. Indian Alphonso’s are nothing short of sweet pleasure and one would never ever regret spending their valuable time in getting the farm-fresh organic Hapus during summers. Wondering why all the hype around just a mango fruit? Well, then you need to check out all the interesting things about this fruit, here in this article.

Know everything about Indian Hapus mango:

  1. Indian Hapus (Alphonso) came into existence as a gift from a Portuguese general and military expert- Afonso de Albuquerque. When the Portuguese people colonized India, they carried Mango fruit along. Portuguese was responsible for introducing grafting on mango trees to produce extraordinary and incredible varieties like the Alphonso during the visit to India. That’s how they introduced us to the Hapus mango, which is an outcome of a hybrid plant. A true mango lover would never miss thanking this man for his great contribution
  2. When you talk about the most expensive varieties of mangoes that are sold in local markets, then it’s Hapus (Alphonso). Even though its price is a little high than other local mangos, people tend to buy them more often for their amazing taste.
  3. Nutritional Fact: Hapus or Indian Alphonso mango is filled with amazing nutritional elements. It is a huge source of iron, vitamin A, vitamin E and selenium along with being rich in antioxidants. There are powerful antioxidants in them, have dietary fiber and all the required proteins
  4. Heard about the story of Britain’s love for Indian Hapus (Alphonso)? Apparently, the first-ever export of Indian Alphonso mangoes was done to London in 1953. The mangoes were exported from Mumbai’s iconic Crawford Market for the Queen’s crowning day. Ever since then the bond between Britain and Indian Alphonso mangoes remains intact. Interestingly, in 2007, the US struck a deal with India, wherein they asked India to included the export of mangoes in exchange for Harley Davidson bikes. According to the reports, the deal didn’t work out, however, it did end up making the world believ in real value of Indian Hapus. This also has a new reputation for Hapus in the global market.
  5. Why Hapus is a highly valued fruit in the global market? Certainly, because of its availability for the short season. Consumers from all across the globe are willing to pay extra to get their hands on fine quality and farm-fresh Hapus mango. In comparison with the other mango varieties, the Alphonso mango is at least 25% more expensive and sweeter. The seeds in these mangoes are also smaller in size, which gives more delicious pulp inside.

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