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Tropical fruits- Mangoes are packed with some extra nutrients, which help us cover our daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. Mangoes are also hailed as a superfood, because of its nutritional composition. Alongside being nutritional and filling, mangoes are extremely delicious, sweet, aromatic and luscious fruits, which easily attracts people. Talk about any type of farm fresh mango- Hapus (Alphonso), Kesar, Langda, Chaunsa, Badam, they have high consumer demand. Many people only wait for summers to eat mangoes. However, a lot of people claim that mangoes make them gain weight. Those who are diet conscious and worry about putting on weight easily, then here’s your guide on how you can include these fruits in your routine. Check out if eating mango really helps in weight loss or if it’s just a myth.

Eating Mangoes Aid In Weight Loss?

  • If you are expecting that the mango alone can help you lose all the extra weight, then dear one you are on the wrong side. Beneficial nutrients present in mango such as folate, vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin C can help to a certain extent in your weight loss routine, only when they are consumed in the moderate condition.
  • Eating more mangoes in a day than the suggested quantity is surely going to put on weight. Why? Because mangoes are packed with extra nutrients. And if you overeat it, those extra nutrients will make you gain weight.
  • As per the diet experts, people aiming to lose weight should stick to eating only one-two organic mangoes a day. Make sure you don’t eat it with your meal and it in between.
  • Several studies claim that foods that are low in energy density or calories per gram make great food for weight loss. These fruits fill you up with fewer calories. Mangoes have 0.6 calories per gram making it very low-density fruit.
  • Research-backed studies show that high amounts of fibre in organic fruits or vegetables aid in the weight loss process. Mangoes on the other side are also high in fibre and other elements that can aid the weight loss journey. Fibre in food increases the feeling of fullness and decreases the absorption of micronutrients such as fats and carbs. Thus keeping the quantity of eating is extremely crucial.
  • Eating more mangoes will make you gain more weight, because these fruits are high in calories. If you end up consuming more calories than needed, then you will undoubtedly put on weight instead of losing it. Even if you are eating 1-2 mangoes daily, make sure to exercise or indulge in physical activities. Doing physical activity will burn your calories.
  • As per the research, Mangoes help in keeping cholesterol and diabetes level in control. Mangiferin is a bioactive compound found in mangoes and they have multiple therapeutic benefits. It is always a good idea to lose weight while keeping our health in good condition. If you do vigorous exercise for weight loss, then do consider eating mango in moderation, this will make you feel energetic and give your body the required nutrients.
  • Mango improves gut functioning and boosts the digestion process. People who can’t easily digest their food are also prone to many chronic diseases. They also put on weight easily. Eating mango in a moderate condition can help get rid of gut-related problems.
  • The Phenolic compounds present in the mango can help in preventing liver damages, inflammation, and chronic conditions including obesity.

If you end up overeating mangoes, then you will definitely put on weight. But if you consume these fruits in moderate quantities and eat them fresh, then you can seek some really amazing health benefits that no medicine can provide.

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