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A normal mango can be grown on any land which has a suitable environment for the mango tree to grow. Commercial mango cultivators also use a lot of chemical-based solutions (pesticides) to improve the quantity and quality of their production. India is known to be the place of mango having more than 1500 varieties of mango( the popular ones are Hapus(Alphonso), Kesar, Badam, Chaunsa, Rajapuri and others). However, there are a limited number of people (business owners), who produce organic mangoes. Cultivating organic mangoes requires a lot of attention and caretaking for the mango tree. Organic mangoes are those grown on a specific type of soil such as alluvial or lateritic in a specific environment. Organic mangoes are those with 78 % of the mango samples tested by EWG containing no signs of pesticide residues. Organic mangoes have major changes in their nutritional compassion, weed, flowering, and disease and postharvest management. No synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides can be used while growing these types. And thus they deserve for a higher price to sell in markets.

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Finding healthy organic mangoes in markets near us becomes a difficult task. On the other hand, we can not consume mangoes that are chemically ripened, as there are health risks involved. If you want to get your hands on farm fresh, organic alphonso mangoes for an affordable price tag, then order on AamWall.com. The portal has amazing quality mangoes, which arrive fresh at our doorsteps. Once you have ordered the mangoes online, take a look at the pros and cons of eating organic mango.

Pros and cons of eating Organic mangoes:


  • Unforgettable taste, this surely has to top the list
  • Lowers cholesterol and aid body in many ways
  • Clears skin by improving blood circulation
  • Improves digestion and improves overall gut health
  • Boosts immune system
  • Organic mangoes are rich in vitamin C great for hair, skin and overall nutritional requirement
  • Organic mangoes are fresh and often found in good condition in the market
  • Organic mangoes are grown with careful cultivating techniques in comparison with commercial mangoes
  • Organic mangoes do not contain harmful chemical residues, while normal mangoes might contain (as chemical based solutions are used for ripening process)
  • Organic mangoes are much more tastier than the normal ones


  • There are always limited number of farmers who cultivate organic mangoes
  • They need special care and environment to be stored
  • Organic mangoes can’t be stored  for longer time
  • Organic mangoes are much more expensive than the normal ones
  • Organic mangoes have higher demand in market and thus one can’t them for cheaper price tags
  • Organic mangoes are always available in market for limited amount
  • Organic mangoes are healthy, but it also increases the blood sugar levels
  • Mangoes can also trigger weight gain
  • Organic mangoes contain 15 grams of carbohydrates per 100gr,  which is more that other fruits
  • Mangoes can easily make someone fat or lead to health issues if one is obese

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