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Indians love eating mangoes and there are around 1500 different varieties cultivated annually. Talk about the land of mangoes and India would top the list having hundreds of these varieties. From Hapus (Alphonso), Langda, Chaunsa, Badam, Rajapuri, Kesar, the nation produces extra sweet, pulpy and best quality mangoes. The best thing is that one need not take extra efforts of visiting the mango markets to get farm-fresh quality Alphonso mangoes. All they have to do is order mangoes online for an affordable price on sites such as AamWalla.com. They don’t only sell fresh quality mangoes online, but also provide services like home delivery on the order. Mangoes deserve to be treated specially, don’t you think so? Here we take you through some interesting reasons why mangoes are the undisputed king of fruits in India.

Reasons why mangoes are King of fruits:

1. Mangoes have unmissable taste and texture

Mangoes are sweet, soft, pulpy and fibrous fruits that many can’t skip eating during summers. Mango lovers wait for summers only to get their hands on farm fresh quality ones or to go for mango shopping. They taste great and it’s absolutely unforgettable. Mangoes are sweet when ripped completely.
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2. Mangoes have an attractive aroma and color

These oval / round shaped fruits have an attractive aroma (a major contributor in the mango aroma is 4-hydroxy-2,5-dimethyl-3(2H)-furanone) as well as color. These qualities make them unmissable at first glance. One can simply judge the sweetness of the mango based on its scent and the brightness of flesh.

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3. Mangoes are absolute superfood

Moderate consumption of mangoes can fulfil the daily need to nutritional elements. Mango aids the body in many different ways, they not only contain 60 calories/100 grams, but also are great source of vitamins A, vitamin C and fibre. There’s protein, potassium, vitamin B-6 alongside other beneficial nutritional composition.

4. Mangoes helps regulate bad cholesterol

Mangoes contain no cholesterol and they have higher levels of dietary fiber, pectin as well as Vitamin C. The pectin is the vital element in eliminating serum type cholesterol (bad cholesterol) from the body. Mangoes also have compound called mangi-ferrin responsible for increasing good cholesterol levels. Those who suffer from bad cholesterol may consider eating them in moderate quantities.

5. Mangoes help clear out skin

The high content of vitamin C in mango fruit helps in making skin healthy. It promotes the natural collagen production. Mangoes also have high antioxidants that help prevent sun damage and premature aging of the skin. Alongside strengthening the skin, they also hydrate it when applied topically.

6. Mango alkalizes body

Mangoes have good content of tartaric, malic and contain limited amount of citric acid. This helps in maintaining the alkali reserve of our body. It promotes overall body alkalization.

7. Mango improves digestion

Having a bundle of nutrients packed in the mangoes, aids several digestive complications. It contains a group of a digestive enzyme known as amylases, which breaks down large food molecules easily. This process makes it easy for absorption of nutrients promoting good digestion. Amylases break down complex carbs into sugars, such as glucose and maltose.

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8. Mango boost the immune system

Mangoes are filling as well as nutritious. They contain all the required nutrients in a single meal. The antioxidants and vitamin C found in mangos play an important role in immune functioning of the body. Alongside boosting the performance of immune system, vitamin C also supports healthy cognitive and neurologic functioning which promotes the overall well being. Research based studies suggest that the consumption of mangoes are important for glycaemic control and the microbiome, alongside seeking vascular, brain, skin and intestinal health.

9. Mangoes are available in 1500 varieties in India

India is the place of mangoes having more than 1500 different varieties. There’s no chance one can get bored eating them, as there’s always another variety to give a try. Almost all the different type of mangoes are sweet and pulpy. From Langda, Chaunsa, Kesar, Badam, Ratnagiri Hapur to Devgad Hapus, all the varieties are significant with its taste, size and shapes.

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10. Great demand in the international market

Indian mangoes have great demand in international markets for its extra sweetness, reasonable price tag as well as pulp quality. However, for a few years the US food chain officials have imposed a ban on importing mangoes from India which were chemically ripped or cultivated with chemical based pesticides. All the export quality mangoes go through a check.

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