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Mango is a tropical fruit and is widely cultivated in India, Myanmar and most of the Southern Asian countries. In India it is known as the King of Fruits and is available in the summer season. They rule the market for a good 4 months.

Mango has various variants but the best and king of mangoes is Alphonso from Ratnagiri and Devgad. It has many benefits and they are rich source of vitamins A, C, and D. Mangoes also boosts immunity, improves gut heath, increases the iron absorption which is good for eyesight.

Where to order mangoes order online?

The best and the sweetest Alphonso mangoes will be found at Aamwalla. We offer you the best of the fruit and as we value your trust in us we shall deliver the sweetest and the juiciest mangoes which are not only fresh but also chemical free. Yes, Aamwala is proud of its products that is totally organic and chemical free.

Benefits of ordering mangoes online from Aamwalla-:

– Home delivery of Devgad Alphonso mangoes all over India.

– Once your order is confirmed you can track your orders and can get updated about the status of the orders.

– Secure and easy payment gateway. All you have to do is choose your variety, the size, enter your address details, choose our mode of payment and place your order by making the payment through a secured gateway.

– We accept UPI, all wallet options, and Credit and Debit cards.

Alphonso Mangoes Market Price

– 1 dozen(12 pcs) of small sized Devgad Alphonso mangoes  price ₹2,199.00

– 1 dozen(12 pcs) of medium-sized Devgad mangoes costs ₹2,599.00

–  1 dozen (12 pcs) of big sized aromatic alphonso mangoes will be around ₹2,999.00

Tips to buy mangoes online

Buying mangoes online is quite easy. All you have to do is scroll the content. Pick the one you like and define the quantity. Next add the item in your cart, enter your contact number and address. Final step is make the payment and the mangoes will arrive at your doorstep within a couple of days.

Best ways to consume mangoes

If you want to enjoy mangoes, make sure they’re stored properly. As mangoes can reach their peak ripeness with three to four days so it is better to store them in a cool place. There are some that may last four to eight days at room temperature, but when kept in a cold place, they can last a week.

The King Of Fruits is back in the market and here is some good news for Mango lovers. Earlier in the 80’s and 90’s mangoes were bought from the market after hours of bargaining. There were many instances where customers were also cheated and given low quality fruit by the sellers. But with the onset of online buying and digital payment options consumer can now buy their favourite fruit from the comfort of their home. The quality too is assured and the cost is also less than the open market.

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